Special Olympics

Projects / Social projects

Special Olympics The joint project of Children's Fund UN (UNICEF) and the international public organization "SPECIAL OLYMPICS" "An involvement of children with intelligence violations in the social relations" is realized by the staff of Fund for the purpose of advance of inclusive approach concerning children with intelligence violations.
Special Olympics organize sport events for people with intelligence violations for more than 45 years. For these years more than four million people from 180 countries of the world became participants of the Special Olympics movement. In Kazakhstan the Special Olympics movement works about 23 years. More than 18 000 children from boarding schools, and also the children living in families are included in trainings and competitions in 20 different types of sports.


  • Granting possibility of active participation in society life through sports, education and health care to people with intelligence violations;
  • Increase of awareness of families, medical workers, mass media and the public about people with violations of intelligence and their requirements;
  • Involvement of local partners for support and active promotion of programs for people with intelligence violations;
  • Creation of the steady programs including participation of people with violations of intelligence and without violations of intelligence;
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