OECD competitivenes project

Projects / Projects on business environment improvement

OECD competitivenes project The OECD is a multi-disciplinary inter-governmental organisation of 34 member countries based in Paris which engages an increasing number of other countries and economies from all regions of the world. The Organisation’s core mission is to help governments make better policies for better lives. Promoting regional development and economic diversification, the Regional Competitiveness Project aims to design and implement reforms to improve the business climate and attract foreign direct investment in three pilot regions: Atyrau, Kyzylorda and East Kazakhstan. By promoting regional development and economic diversification in Kazakhstan, the project strengthens SME capabilities and enhances their potential to attract FDI. More specifically, the project provides a policy framework that:
  • Draws foreign investors to overlooked regions
  • Leads to stronger regional, sector and SME competitiveness and reduces inequalities between different regions
  • Highlights each region’s economic strengths
  • Reduces FDI barriers at the regional and national levels
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