About the company

3-09-2013, 22:23, About the company

Who owns the information, he owns the world.

(Nathan Rothschild)

About the company

Our goal - the promotion of a democratic civilized society in Kazakhstan , improve the overall economic and social development through providing information, advisory , technological, psychological assistance to enterprises, institutions , organizations and private individuals.

The fact remains that over the last half-century investment in people in developed countries exceed the investment in equipment, real estate and more. Following this trend , the Information Foundation focuses on the development of various types of non-financial support for the development of entrepreneurship ( informational , methodological , counseling ) , training partners , the multiplication of intellectual potential. This is the capital that in all circumstances, will always be with you.

We have experience in providing services in the field of training and information support of small business , in conducting workshops and providing consulting services. Have participated in joint projects to support small and medium-sized businesses with akimat Ust -Kamenogorsk , Administration of the East Kazakhstan region and international organizations. Every six months, we hold " rating of the media " , with which you can know that look , read and listen to consumers , as well as the popularity of different media. Fund staff has extensive practical experience of the organization and conduct of research, process analysis, circuit design and process maps , regulatory documents , structures, enterprise management systems and processes.

Key Features of our product : reliability , relevance , quality of information collected , confidentiality , writing advice in plain and understandable language.

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