Marketing research

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One of the activities of the Fund is the marketing and sociological research. The Fund for more than 10 years working in this field and have accumulated sufficient experience .

It is known that marketing research can help the entrepreneur in search of answers to their questions . Conversely , the underestimation of this marketing tool can cost many bad decisions the entrepreneur in business.

It is clear that few companies can afford to maintain a staff of highly qualified professionals to conduct market research and it is in this regard throughout the world made ​​to order professionally engaged in research in these firms. For example, with the help of market research you can find out:

market volume
Your target group
Explore the sale of competitors'
A comparative analysis of competitors' products and services
Compare campaigns
Expand the range of products and services
Form a unique selling proposition or reply to a lot of other issues
The Fund provide advice and conduct research in the following areas :

analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company;
analysis of the company compared to competitors;
optimization of internal and external processes;
identify new markets;
develop strategies for working with clients;
study of consumer views about your services / products ;
providing advice on the management , personnel , advertising , etc.
Methods of marketing research is very diverse.
We use:

Questionnaires, interviews
telephone interview
Conducting focus groups
Retail audit retailers
Mystery shopping (NEW)
A combination of different methods

On the method of " Mystery Shopper " I would like to stay in more detail , as it has recently become more and more popular in marketing. The « Mystery Shopping » (Mystery Shopper) - a technology assessment personnel that allows assessment of your employees c point of view of your customers. The essence of technology is that to your real customers added a number of "artificial" clients that communicate with employees, make a purchase , make a complaint and, remaining in the role of the client , find out how well vendors are working , secretaries and other staff .

Who can be a useful method for assessing " Mystery Shopper " ?

- Companies that want to improve the quality of service to its clients;

- Companies that operate in the service sector : banks , hotels, restaurants , bars , shops , beauty salons , etc.

Why you need a method of evaluation of " Mystery Shopper " ?

To check and analyze :
- The level of customer service in the company ;
- Know the level of quality of service in a competitive company;
- Check the quality of service standards ;
- An assessment of the specific expertise ;
- Assess the training needs of staff.

Using this technique will allow to adjust the work of employees and cost-effectively address the objectives in the development of the business.скачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно

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