Organization of seminars and conferences

3-09-2013, 22:33, Organization of seminars and conferences

One of the functions of our company is organizing and running official events, from international conferences to seminars, trainings or negotiations. Our specialists are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sphere of official events organization. We will make all possible efforts to ensure high quality level of your event and exclude failures.

Organization of seminars and conferences

Our services include:

• selection of event venue based on event goals and budget;
• booking hotel rooms;
• conference facilities and equipment reservation;
• detailed budget calculation and minimization;
• event invitation delivery;
• event participants list development;
• participant registration;
• development of cultural outreach program for foreign participants;
• making souvenirs, promotional products, printed products, banners;
• transportation to the event venue (purchasing plane and train tickets, transfer organization, renting vehicles);
• selection of assistants, translators, guides and promoters;
• provision of a full list of financial documents and reports.

If you want to get acquainted with the opinion of our customers go to References in Clients and Partners section.

About the company

3-09-2013, 22:23, About the company

Who owns the information, he owns the world.

(Nathan Rothschild)

About the company

Our goal - the promotion of a democratic civilized society in Kazakhstan , improve the overall economic and social development through providing information, advisory , technological, psychological assistance to enterprises, institutions , organizations and private individuals.

The fact remains that over the last half-century investment in people in developed countries exceed the investment in equipment, real estate and more. Following this trend , the Information Foundation focuses on the development of various types of non-financial support for the development of entrepreneurship ( informational , methodological , counseling ) , training partners , the multiplication of intellectual potential. This is the capital that in all circumstances, will always be with you.

We have experience in providing services in the field of training and information support of small business , in conducting workshops and providing consulting services. Have participated in joint projects to support small and medium-sized businesses with akimat Ust -Kamenogorsk , Administration of the East Kazakhstan region and international organizations. Every six months, we hold " rating of the media " , with which you can know that look , read and listen to consumers , as well as the popularity of different media. Fund staff has extensive practical experience of the organization and conduct of research, process analysis, circuit design and process maps , regulatory documents , structures, enterprise management systems and processes.

Key Features of our product : reliability , relevance , quality of information collected , confidentiality , writing advice in plain and understandable language.

Marketing research

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One of the activities of the Fund is the marketing and sociological research. The Fund for more than 10 years working in this field and have accumulated sufficient experience .

It is known that marketing research can help the entrepreneur in search of answers to their questions . Conversely , the underestimation of this marketing tool can cost many bad decisions the entrepreneur in business.

It is clear that few companies can afford to maintain a staff of highly qualified professionals to conduct market research and it is in this regard throughout the world made ​​to order professionally engaged in research in these firms. For example, with the help of market research you can find out:

market volume
Your target group
Explore the sale of competitors'
A comparative analysis of competitors' products and services
Compare campaigns
Expand the range of products and services
Form a unique selling proposition or reply to a lot of other issues
The Fund provide advice and conduct research in the following areas :

analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company;
analysis of the company compared to competitors;
optimization of internal and external processes;
identify new markets;
develop strategies for working with clients;
study of consumer views about your services / products ;
providing advice on the management , personnel , advertising , etc.
Methods of marketing research is very diverse.
We use:

Questionnaires, interviews
telephone interview
Conducting focus groups
Retail audit retailers
Mystery shopping (NEW)
A combination of different methods

On the method of " Mystery Shopper " I would like to stay in more detail , as it has recently become more and more popular in marketing. The « Mystery Shopping » (Mystery Shopper) - a technology assessment personnel that allows assessment of your employees c point of view of your customers. The essence of technology is that to your real customers added a number of "artificial" clients that communicate with employees, make a purchase , make a complaint and, remaining in the role of the client , find out how well vendors are working , secretaries and other staff .

Who can be a useful method for assessing " Mystery Shopper " ?

- Companies that want to improve the quality of service to its clients;

- Companies that operate in the service sector : banks , hotels, restaurants , bars , shops , beauty salons , etc.

Why you need a method of evaluation of " Mystery Shopper " ?

To check and analyze :
- The level of customer service in the company ;
- Know the level of quality of service in a competitive company;
- Check the quality of service standards ;
- An assessment of the specific expertise ;
- Assess the training needs of staff.

Using this technique will allow to adjust the work of employees and cost-effectively address the objectives in the development of the business.

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